Waking Up (CD Album) by OneRepublic

13 Dec


OneRepublic. Tedder, Ryan. (Producer). (2009) Waking Up [CD]. Mosely Music Group, Interscope. 11 tracks, 47:28 min.

Content Summary:

“Made for You”                     4:18
“All the Right Moves”            3:58
“Secrets”                              3:44
“Everybody Loves Me”         3:34
“Missing Persons 1 & 2”       4:59
“Good Life”                          4:13
“All This Time”                      4:03
“Fear”                                  3:48
“Waking Up”                         6:09
“Marchin On”                        4:13
“Lullaby”                               4:38

Critical Evaluation:

This album produced four hit singles, “All the Right Moves,” “Secrets,” “Good Life,” and “Marchin On,” that can be heard playing on the radio quite often. They are a talented American pop rock group that consists of five members. They have a very acoustic feel and sound to their music that is pleasing to the eardrums. Their songs are catchy and easy to sing along to. They use up-beat melodies that are a mix of all sorts of genres from rock and pop to indie and hip hop. Their music was nominated three times by the Teen Choice Award and won the Teen Choice Award once for Best Rock Track. Their songs make a lot of featured appearances on movies and television programs such as, Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries. All shows that are produced for teens, so it is a good chance if they have not listened to this album they have at least heard one or more of their songs between shows and the radio. Teens will love this album.

Reader’s Annotation:



OneRepublic is an American alternative rock band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. They formed in 2002 by between Ryan Tedder and Sach Filkins. They become the most prominent unsigned act on the MySpace website. In 2006, they signed onto Mosley Music Group and released their debut album, Dreaming Out Loud, in 2007.

The band’s second album, Waking Up, was released on November 17, 2009. The lead single from the album was “All the Right Moves”, which charted in the top 10 in Ireland, New Zealand, Switzerland, and in the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100.


Music CD/Alternative Rock

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Why I included this CD:

I chose this CD because I think it is really good and I hear their music on the radio all the time, plus their songs appear on young adult shows frequently so teens have probably heard their music and enjoy it.

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