Seventeen (Magazine) by Hearst Corporation

13 Dec


Shoket, Ann. (Editor). (1944). Seventeen [Magazine]. USA: Hearst Corporation.

Content Summary:

Each issue covers these eight sections (roughly): fashion; beauty; celebrities; love life; health; college life; parties & prom; and quizzes, games, & fun. For each section you can find all sorts of information pertaining to that topic. For example, for the fashion section you will find the latest fashion styles for clothes, shoes, and hair. Or for the beauty section you will find all sorts of beauty products to make yourself look beautiful or how to make your hair soft and shiny. Celebrities gives you gossip on different stars. Love life will give you tips and ideas for your romantic life. Health covers such things are what foods are good for high metabolisms. College life gives you a look into dorms and campuses. Parties and prom may have dress ideas for you or what you can expect for such a night. And the quizzes, games, and fun is just what is says.

Critical Evaluation:

This magazine is popular among teen girls and has been around since 1944. There are fashion tips galore to be found in this magazine. A multitude of ways to look cute and fashionable. Ways to get naturally pretty by using various techniques. Fashion products under a certain value, such as $20, or for a certain occasion, such as spring break. Seventeen has it all. It is a great magazine to hear gossip on different actors. Teenage girls love this magazine. The issue I have with this magazine is its incessant amount of ads and very little amount of articles. Also, its need to give fashion ideas that make you look like a runway model is kind of disturbing. I would like to think that teens are making their own choices on their fashion, but sadly that is not the case all of the time. I can see the appeal for teen girls who want to look fashionable, but I would probably recommend something along the lines of Kiki magazine if you were looking for a fashion magazine. All in all, I would say it does a great job on giving a lot fashion tips and ideas for teen girls.

Reader’s Annotation:

Can’t decide what to where to that beach party next week? Never fear, Seventeen has several ideas just for you.


Seventeen is a magazine published in the United States. It was made with teenagers in mind and covers a lot of topics teens may worry about, such as fashion, relationships, and college. It was first published in 1944 by Walter Annenberg’s Triangle Publications. However, News Corporation bought Triangle Publications in 1988, and then sold Seventeen to K-Ill Communications, which was later known as Primedia, in 1991. Primedia then sold the magazine to Hearst Corporation in 2003.

Seventeen is still one of the top most popular magazines among the growing competition. It is geared towards young girls and women from the ages 12-21. There are eight different international editions of this magazine.



Curriculum Ties:


Booktalking Ideas:

All the fashion ideas you could need.

Reading Level/Interest Level:


Challenge Issues:


Why I included this magazine:

I chose this magazine because it has been around for a long time and is still popular among young adults.

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