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13 Dec


Freegal. Library Ideas LLC, 2011. (Music Database through the library only)

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Critical Evaluation:

If you have a library card, you can get free music. Freegal is a music database offered by some libraries that allows you to download three free songs a week and all you have to have is a library card with a pin number through one of the sponsoring libraries. This is a great idea for libraries to have because a lot of people like music and have MP3 players and now they can have free music to listen to. The database is easy to maneuver through. You can either type in what you are looking for or do a general search alphabetically. They have hot artists and songs, featured songs, or search by genre. The only qualm I have about this database is it doesn’t have everything because only the artist that are willing to give out free music can be found on the database. However, music is a hot commodity, especially among teens. Given the fact that so many teens are seen with headphones in their ears listening to their music, this is a great database for teens to check out.

Reader’s Annotation:

Free music for you! All you have to do is have a library card.


Freegal Music is a service that allows you to download music for free. It is a music service sold to libraries for your free use so long as you are a registered library card holder. You must check with your local library to see if they offer this service to its members. You can only access the Freegal Music website through the library URL from a link they will provide you with.

The Freegal Music Service is a databse operated by a private company known as Library Ideas, LLC located in Fairfax, Virginia. If you have any questions about his database you will have to contact your local library who is a subscriber.



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Why I included this database:

This is a great database. People love music, especially teens.

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