Repossessed by A. M. Jenkins

12 Dec


Jenkins, A. M. Repossessed. HarperTeen, 2007. 218 pages. ISBN 978-0-06-083568-2

Plot Summary:

Kiriel is a demon, although he prefers to be called a fallen angel, who works in hell. His job is beyond boring and he is fed up with it. So, he has decided that he is going to take over a human’s body so that he can experience all of the feelings of a human, seeing as he can’t since he is a demon. Excuse me, fallen angel. All he has to do is find the perfect candidate and out walks Shaun, right in front of a cement truck. Now, Kiriel has a body he can repossess, it’s not like the kid was going to be using it anymore, right? Shaun was a slacker kid who took life for granted anyway, and now Kiriel will be able to experience the full range of human feelings and he gets right to it. Touching and feeling anything and everything he can and eating all sorts of different foods, but what he wants more than anything is to experience sex. So the first chance he gets he tries pleasuring himself, and he finds that he likes it, a lot. Now he’s ready to try it with somebody else, preferably a girl.

Critical Evaluation:

This book is hilarious and shocking in its truth that it speaks. So many people take for granted the experiences they have been able to be a participant of and the feelings they are able to have. All of the joys and sorrows of life that express who you are, are not fully appreciated by the human race. When Kiriel, the demon from Hell (aka fallen angel, as he prefers), decides he wants to be able to experience the full range of human emotions and feelings, he takes over Shaun’s body. Kiriel’s character laminates the joys of being human and being able to experience feelings, good and bad, emphasizing that some humans really don’t understand how lucky they are in this respect. Jenkins uses the humorous Kiriel to express this sentiment and even if teens don’t catch on to the underlying meaning they will certainly enjoy being able to relate to Kiriel’s experiences as a teenage boy.

Reader’s Annotation:

Kiriel is a fallen angel set out to experience life as a human. So, he takes matters into his own hands and takes over the body of some random kid. After he died first, of course.


A. M. Jenkins was born in 1961 in Texas and has lived there all his life. He is divorced with three sons, two dogs named Hobo and Tyson, and three cats named Waldo, Smudge, and Micki. His jobs throughout his life include a pizza maker, an ice cream dipper, a day care worker, a bookstore manager, an aerobics instructor, a high school math teacher, an elementary reading tutor, and a freelance writer. His warning to kids is that: this may happen to you if you get a liberal arts degree.

His published books include Breaking Boxes, Damage, Out of Order, Beating Heart, Repossessed, Night Road, and Hallowmere #5 Queen of the Masquerade (with Tiffany Trent). His short stories include The Last Second, and in Michael Cart’s anthology Rush Hour, he did the shot story Reckless.


Fantasy/Humor/Religion Fiction

Curriculum Ties:


Booktalking Ideas:

Kiriel is as bored as hell with his job.

Reading Level/Interest Level:


Challenge Issues:


Why I included this book:

I think young adults would enjoy this book because it discusses a lot of experiences teens go through, plus it is really funny.

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