Hello, Cupcake! by Alan Richardson & Karen Tack

12 Dec


Richardson, Alan & Tack, Karen. Hello, Cupcake!. Houghton Mifflin, 2008. 230 pages. ISBN 978-0-618-82925-5

Plot Summary:

You can find all sorts of cupcake making techniques in this book. It is broken down into several different section depending of the design of the cupcake. First we have the April Fool’s that has all sorts of pastel and cute cupcakes that would be befitting of spring and Easter. Next we have the Party animals section that has all different animals to put on your cupcakes. The next section is Happy birthday, cupcake!, which has great birthday cupcake ideas. After that is the section Hostess with the mostest, that has a bunch of elegant edibles that would be great for when you are hosting a party. Next is the Nightmare before Thanksgiving section that has all of your Halloween and Thanksgiving cupcake ideas. And lastly is the Holiday on icing section that has a bunch of adorable holiday cupcake ideas. At the end of the book you can find recipes for cupcakes and different frostings.

Critical Evaluation:

If you enjoy baking this is a great book for you, especially if you enjoy cupcakes. It is filled with fun ways to decorate those plain old cupcakes into something that is delightful and delectable as the same time. There are pictures for every edible piece of art and easy to follow step-by-step directions for each and every one of the designs you can choose from. The designs may come across as intimidating, but they are mostly done with different types of candy that can easily be found at your nearest grocery store. The author even goes into detail as to how you should cut, roll, form, or stack the different candies to make a wonderful looking cupcake. Not only do they give you the design and directions, but they also provide you with scrumptious recipes for cakes and frostings. This is a great book that everybody can enjoy to help express yourself and that hidden artistic talent you have. Also now available, the sequel to Hello, Cupcake, is What’s New, Cupcake?, equally enjoyable and just as fantastic.

Reader’s Annotation:

Lions, tigers, and cupcakes oh my! Looking to spruce up your cupcakes? Hello, Cupcakes! has all the ideas you need.


Alan Richardson and Karen Tack are the best-selling authors of Hello, Cupcake! and What’s New, Cupcake?. These cookbooks have created  a revolution in cupcake making. They use ordinary candy and snacks, a few everyday kitchen tools, a little good old fashioned ingenuity, and a whole lot of fun. These two authors have turned the cupcake decorating world upside down with their extraordinary cupcake designs. They have been working together for two decades to create these sophisticated yet entertaining treats for the covers of America’s favorite magazines. Their talent for using candy for decorations came from their need to create cupcake designs that were easy enough for anyone to make them. When they noticed a marshmallow circus peanut already looks like a goldfish that led them to discover that candy has color, shape, and texture that make decorating easy. They have made appearances on The Martha Stewart Show, The Rachael Ray Show, The Paula Deen Show, The Early Show, and many visits to the TODAY Show. They have toured cooking schools, festivals, expos, and state fairs across the country and love demonstrating how to be a candy detective and find the right candy for the right design.

Karen is called “The Cake Whisperer” by Gourmet Magazine. She went to the Culinary Institute of America and worked in restaurant kitchens before starting her magazine career at Cook’s Magazine. She soon discovered a talent for food styling and a love of baking.

Alan went to The Art Student’s League and has worked as an art director, a photographer, a book designer, and a writer. Alan is the co-author of The Four Season of Italian Cooking and The Breath of a Wok, and received The 2005 Best International Cookbook Award from IACP and The Jane Grigson Award.



Curriculum Ties:


Booktalking Ideas:

Are your cupcakes boring?

Reading Level/Interest Level:


Challenge Issues:


Why I included this book:

One of the best baking books out there. The cupcakes are so cute, it’s hard to resist them. I thought it would be a good addition to anybody’s collection.

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