Kissing Kate by Lauren Myracle

04 Dec


Myracle, Lauren. Kissing Kate. Speak,2003. 198 pages. ISBN 978-0-329-58869-4

Plot Summary:

Lissa and Kate were best friends, they understood each other, until that night at the party. Kate was drinking a lot, but Lissa was 100 percent sober and they started discussing what it would be like to kiss another girl. So, Kate decided to kiss Lissa and Lissa kissed Kate back. That is when their friendship ended. Lissa actually liked kissing Kate, but Kate didn’t even want to talk about it because she was too afraid of what other people would think of her. So, Lissa gave Kate her space and tried to move on. A new girl started at her job, and it just happened to be the annoyingly cheerful outsider from school, and no matter how hard Lissa tried to stay away from her, the girl was too persistent and before she knew it, Lissa had a new friend. One who was helping her through her struggles and hard time, she was there to help Lissa sort out her emotions and feelings towards Kate.

Critical Evaluation:

Myracle is known for her controversial materials that tend to make the most challenged books list, but all of her novels are fabulous and Kissing Kate is one of them. This is a story of the relationship between two best friends that went horribly awry after they kissed at a party. Lissa is going through a tough time trying to deal with being a lesbian and losing her best friend at the same time. Myracle does a great job of portraying the struggles that young gay, lesbian, and bisexuals go through at school and at home. Even Kate doesn’t want to admit she is a lesbian or at least bisexual because people will think differently of her. Lissa manages to find an unexpected friend who understands her and her differences. This book just goes to show you that sometimes people you never thought could be your friend can and sometimes those you think are your friend are not. This is a wonderful book for young adults who are also struggling to fit in when they feel so much more different than others. There is nothing wrong with any of the sexual orientations you may choose. Some of the more conservative parents may not appreciate the positive views Myracle puts on lesbian relationships, even though it shouldn’t matter who you love.

Reader’s Annotation:

It all changed the night she kissed her, and liked it. How will Lissa deal with her new-found ideals.


Lauren Myracle was born on May 15, 1969 in Brevard, North Caralina and is an American author of young adult books. She has five siblings, two younger sisters and three older brothers. She grew up in Atlanta, Georgia and she attended Trinity School and The Westminster Schools. Myracle earned a BA in English and Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. she was inducted into Phi Beta Kappa. After that, she worked for some time as a middle-school teacher in Gwinnett County, Georgia and participated in the JET Programme in Japan.

Myracle later earned an MA in English from Colorado State University , where she taught for two years. Then she earned an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College. She has written many novels, including the best-selling “IM” books, ttyl, ttfn, and l8r, g8r. Her book Thirteen Plus One was released May 4, 2010. Myracle’s younger sister, Susan Rebecca White, writes adult fiction. Her books includ Bound South (2009) and A Soft Place to Land (2010).



Curriculum Ties:


Booktalking Ideas:

She kissed her. That’s how it all ended.

Reading Level/Interest Level:


Challenge Issues:

Possible issues with positive topic of lesbianism, but shouldn’t be a problem.

Why I included this book:

Myracle is a great author, she writes true honest stories that people can relate to. Also, I need another book on GLBT and remembered reading about this one last semester.

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