My World 2.0 (Music CD) by Justin Drew Bieber

01 Dec

Bibliography: Bieber, Justin Drew. (2010). My World 2.0 [CD]. Island, RBMG. 37:37 minutes.

Contents: This music CD contains ten songs, with three hit singles. His hit single “Baby” featuring Ludacris, is the number one track on the CD. “Somebody to Love” is another single from this CD that made it to the top twenty in most countries that it was released. “Stuck in the Moment,” “U Smile” which made it as his third single, “Runaway Love,” “Never Let You Go,” “Overboard” featuring Jessica Jarrell, “Eenie Meenie,,” featuring Sean Kingston, “Up,” and “That Should Be Me” make up the rest of the songs on this CD by pop Canadian singer Justin Drew Bieber, just seventeen years old.

Review: This music CD is his second released album and it is a bit more mature than his first album and a lot more closer to R&B than pop. He delves more into a love interest hitting at home with all of those love-struck teens. The songs are mostly up-beat and carry a good tune that is hard to get out of your head. His vocal skills are surprising for such a young singer, with a clear and smooth sound. It is not hard to dance to one of his songs, the rhythm seems to just right into the soles of your feet. Tweens, girls especially, will love the lyrics to his songs and the music that goes with them.

Genre: Music CD/Pop/R&B/Dance pop

Interest Level: 12+

Similar Materials: Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus

Reader’s Advisory: This is a CD that tweens, especially tween girls, would like. The songs are quite catchy and have a good beat. He does a good job of making all the songs sound different, I hate when an entire CD sounds like the same song all the way through. And three hit singles from one album is pretty good.

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