Wizards of Waverly Place (Television)

28 Nov

Bibliography: Greenwald, Todd J. (Creator). Murrieta, Peter. (Producer). Cheung, Vince. (Producer). Montanio, Ben. (Producer). (2007). Wizards of Waverly Place [Television]. Walt Disney Home Entertainment. 30 minutes segments.

Plot: The show takes place on Waverly Place, a street in Greenwich Village neighborhood in Manhattan, New York City. The Russo family lives there, three siblings, Justin, Alex, and Max, and their mother, Theresa, and father, Jerry. Theresa is a mortal, but Jerry is a former wizard and the three siblings all have some wizards powers to a certain extent, they are in training. They all have to keep their wizards powers secret in order to live normal lives in the mortal world. When their training is complete they will have a competition to decide who becomes the family wizard of their generation. The family wizard keeps the powers going while the others become mortal. Jerry is always trying to get his kids to not rely on magic, because someday they may not have it anymore.

Review: This is a Disney Channel sitcom that is great for children. The script is funny and it does a great job of portraying teenagers. Although they are wizards they still must live a normal life and the three siblings Justin, Alex, and Max, all deal with everyday teenage issues on top of their wizard issues. Selina Gomez is adorable as the middle sister. You get to see all sorts of crazy magic tricks and items they try to use without getting noticed. The fact that they have a planned ending in sight, the family wizard competition, makes the show have more of a purpose, it will come to an end. Highly enjoyable show for children.

Genre: Fantasy/Comedy

Interest Level: 3-6 graders

Similar Materials: Fairy Tail, Harry Potter, Sabrina the Teenage Witch

Reader’s Advisory: This is one of the few children’s sitcoms I actually enjoyed watching. The actors and script are pretty good, quite humorous. They are in their fourth season and it will be the last one, January 6, 2012 they are going to have the final episode with the family wizard winner. It has won and been nominated for numerous awards. High praise are in order.

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