Princess Protection Program (Movie)

28 Nov

Bibliography: Weinstock, Danielle. (Producer). Liddi, Allison. (Director). (2009). Princess Protection Program [DVD]. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment. 89 minutes. Tr. $20.04.

Plot: The princess Rosalinda Maria Montoya Fiore is about to be crowned queen of the small nation of Costa Luna. General Kane from the neighboring country attempts to capture the royal family during the princesses coronation. Joe Mason, an agent from the Princess Protection Program rescues the princess, but General Kane is still able to capture her mother, Queen Sophia. Mr. Mason is ordered to take princess Rosalinda back to his home in Louisiana where she is to pretend to be a normal American girl. Rosalinda meets Joe’s daughter Carter and is met with barely concealed hostility and annoyance. But once she explains her situation Carter starts to warm up to her and they end up become great friends. Of course there is still the danger of General Kane.

Review: This film is all about the protection of a princess from a dangerous General and the friendship that blossoms while in hiding. Princess Rosalinda and Carter come from two completely different backgrounds, one’s a Princess of a small nation, the other is a tomboy who works at her fathers bate shop. How could then ever get along? But once Carter gets to know Rosalinda better and learns of her situation, they end up being friends. Carter is willing to stick her neck out for Rosalinda in order to keep her safe. The caring friendship they give to one another added with the hilarious script makes this a favorable movie for tween girls. They can relate on a basic level with the characters.

Genre: Friendship/Comedy

Interest Level: 3-6 graders

Similar Materials: Princess Diaries, Cinderella Story

Reader’s Advisory: This is a pretty good movie, it is funny and shows a true friendship between two very different girls who are not so different after all. I think tween girls would enjoy this movie very much. It even won the Teen Choice Award in 2009. Two thumbs up for Princess Protection Program.

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