Kiki (Magazine)

28 Nov

Bibliography: Bryant, Jamie. (Chief Editor). (2007). Kiki [Magazine]. B-books Ltd. 64 pages.

Plot: A fashion magazine for kids that focuses on self-expression rather than beauty and glamor. The magazine has seven sections to each issue. One, From the Studio: this section focuses on shoes, fixing clothes, design, and practical fashion. Two, Art Bin: this section focuses on how-to projects and different art tools. Three, World Beat: this section focuses on cultural trends and cities that have design traditions. Four, Biz Buzz: this section focuses on money management and concerns of the fashion industry. Five, Kiki Care: this section focuses on health, exercise, and grooming. Six, Your Style: this section focuses on everyday life of the readers. And seven, Kiki Fun: this section has puzzles, quizzes, and games.

Review: What’s better than a fashion magazine that doesn’t tell you how you have to be, but instead gives you tips on how you can express yourself through fashion. Need a dress for prom? Why not make your own from fabrics you already have at home. Need tips on how to make first impressions with your teachers? This magazine has them. Fashions from your favorite book characters, such as Katniss Everdeen of Hunger Games. Book reviews to look for upcoming books that may spark you fashion imagination. This is a wonderful magazine for children who like to express themselves through their wardrobes and also like to read.

Genre: Magazine/Fashion

Reading Level/Interest Level: 8+

Similar Materials: Seventeen, Kids Fashion

Reader’s Advisory: I was surprised when I found this magazine, you can’t find a lot of fashion magazines that let you express yourself. I like how they mix literature and fashion together. This is a great magazine for girls who are into style, but also like be creative and smart about it. I would recommend this magazine to tween girls, definitely.

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