Boys’ Life (Magazine)

28 Nov

Bibliography: Goldman, Michael. (Editor). (1911). Boys’ Life [Magazine]. Boy Scouts of America. About 56 pages.

Content: Good articles about surviving in the wild, such as how to survive on a mountain or in the snow by digging a trench and building an igloo like structure, or hollowing out underneath a tree. Reminders of the holidays coming up and some good gift ideas for your friends and family. Tips on mastering the extreme sports, such as mountain climbing or rock climbing. Talk about your favorite collections and learn about others. Don’t miss the comic strips about boy scouts in action or the jokes you need to tell your friends. Lists of things you should bring with you before you go hiking. And much more.

Review: Though this magazine has a lot of advertisements, some of them come in handy as a use for gift ideas during the holiday or for a friends birthday. This magazine has a lot of things outgoing boys would like to do and tips on how to do them and safety tips, as well. Published by the Boy Scouts of America makes for a good young boys magazine. Boys will get a kick out of the comic strips and the funny jokes they can learn, as well as, the true stories of boys and their great feats. One boy helped save some victims of a flash flood. Amazing. A good magazine for the daring and outgoing boys.

Genre: Magazine/Realistic/Boys

Reading Level/Interest Level: 8+

Similar Materials: Discover Kids, National Geographic Kids

Reader’s Advisory: If you have adventurous boys this is a great magazine for them. Originally made for boy scouts, this magazine covers topics that will about to the scout in every boys heart. Monthly release date. It may have a lot of advertisements, but it would appeal to young boys.

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