Adventure Time (Television) by Pendelton Ward

28 Nov

Bibliography: Crews, Kelly & Ward, Pendelton. (Producers). Leichliter, Larry. (Director). (2010). Adventure Time [Television]. Federation Studios: Cartoon Network Studios. 30 minute segments.

Plot: This is the story of the adventures of Jake the Dog and Finn the Human who live in The Land of Ooo. It takes place on a post-apocalyptic continent after bombs have fallen on the continent and somehow magic has come back into the world. Thirteen year old Finn the Human is an outgoing kid with high morals who wants nothing more than to go on adventures and save the world. Whereas, Jake the Dog is a laid back, twenty-eight year old dog that possesses magic to where he can shift his body into any shape or size he wants, but he is Finn’s best friend and gives good advice on occasion. These two explore the world together.

Review: This is a great show for tweens. Finn the Human sets good examples and Jake the Dog keeps things in check. Filled with adventure, action, bits of magic that will blow you away. The characters are all unique and colorful, and just a bit strange. Each new episode takes you on a new adventure to face off some foe or disastrous event. Whether Finn and Jake are helping Princess Bonnibelle Bubblegum in her lab, or flying around with Lady Rainicorn the adventure never ends. Look forward to meet all sorts of creatures you never knew existed, some nice and some hostile. Highly recommended for tweens.

Genre: Animation/Adventure/Fantasy

Interest Level: 9+

Similar Materials: Ahh, Real Monsters, Dexter’s Laboratory, Phineas and Ferb

Reader’s Advisory: This is a great show, it has a lot of adventure and a lot of morals. So far there are three seasons. The two main characters are Finn the Human and Jake the Dog, but Princess Bubblegum and Lady Rainicorn make a lot of appearances, as does the Ice King and Marceline the Vampire Queen. Full of adventure and intrigue.

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