The Merchant of Death by D. J. MacHale

27 Nov

Bibliography: MacHale, D. J. The Merchant of Death: A Pendragon graphin novel. Illustrated by Carla Speed McNeil. Aladdin Paperbacks, 2008. 170 pages. Tr. $9.99, ISBN 978-1-4169-5080-6

Plot: Bobby Pendragon is a normal fourteen year old kid, or so he believes. He just wants to go off and play basketball, but just before he can do that a series of events that will change the status of his life occurs. The girl Bobby really likes, Courtney Chetwynde, comes over to his house just before he is going to leave and tells him that she likes him. Then his uncle Press shows up and tell Bobby to come with him. They end up in Denduron and discover that the evil Saint Dane is going to break the barrier between the territories, sending Halla into chaos. Now Bobby must save the world. He is a Traveler and is able to move from territory to territory with ease and now he must be the one to stop the horrible Saint Dane with his Traveler abilities.

Review: Bobby Pendragon is a hero, or he is going to be. After the villain Saint Dane tries to break the barriers between the different territories, Bobby is forced to fight against Saint Dane in order to save the world. This graphic novel version of the Pendragon series is just as action packed as the text version, but instead you get to see Bobby in action. The illustrations are magnificent with their sharp edged stokes and clear drawings that are easy to to depict what is happening in each and every slide. Bobby is a couragous character that takes you on a time traveling adventure unlike any other. Will he be able to fight save the world and survive? Look forward to the rest of the series to find out.

Genre: Graphic novel/Science Fiction/Adventure

Reading Level/Interest Level: 5.4/5-8 graders

Similar Materials: A Tale of Time City, by Dianna Wynne Jones

Reader’s Advisory: This is a great action packed graphic novel for those reluctant readers, especially boys. This is only the first in the series, there are ten books total, however, only the first one has been made into a graphic novel so far. Great artwork and a good story too, quite intriguing. I recommend it to those that are skeptical of science fiction.

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