Cake Pops: tips, tricks, and recipes for more than 40 irresistible mini treats by Bakerella

27 Nov

Bibliography: Bakerella. (Angie Dudley). Cake Pops: tips, tricks, and recipes for more than 40 irresistible mini treats. Chronicle Books, 2010. 159 pages. Tr. $17.01, ISBN 978-0-8118-7637-7

Plot: Cake pops are cake mixed with frosting, rolled into a ball, stuck on a stick, and then dipped in chocolate. Absolutely a delicious invention. Children love cake pops because they are bite-sized confections on a stick that taste like heaven in your mouth. Cake Pops gives you plenty of tips, tricks, and recipes on how to make cake pops for every occasion. Pick from over forty different cake pops to create, there are all sorts of animals from cats to owls, and all different holidays from Easter to Chanukah. With lots of colorful pictures and step-by-step directions these little treats are fun and easy to make. Different kinds of cake and frosting and what type of chocolate is best paired with each kind is even given to you, in case you are not familiar.

Review: Do you like cake? Would you like your cake on a stick and covered in chocolate? Try making some cake pops. This book gives you over 40 different ways to make your cakes pops look and taste great. Maybe you’re having a movie night, there is a cake pop for that, little bags of popcorn. So adorable! Children will have a blast making cake pops and even more fun eating them. This books is great with all the different tips and tricks it gives you, the different recipes and how to pair chocolates and cakes. Most designs call for candy that is easy to find in any grocery store. You can make cake pops with your children as an afternoon activity or if they are having a sleepover them and their friends can be creative and create cute edibles.

Genre: Nonfiction/Baking/Cake pops

Reading Level/Interest Level: 10+

Similar Materials: Hello, Cupcake, by Alan Richardson, Pink Princess Cookbook, by Barbara Beery, Bake me, I’m yours-Cake Pops, by Carolyn White

Reader’s Advisory: I love cake pops and everybody I know loves cake pops, young and old. They are fun to make and relatively easy. This book has so many choices to choose from, or you can take an idea and create your own. This is a great book for tweens, especially if they love to bake and are creative or artsy. Little delights that are filled with a big flavor.

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