Avatar: The Last Airbender (Television)

27 Nov

Bibliography: Nickelodeon. (2006). Avatar: The Last Airbender [Television]. Paramount Home Entertainment. 30 minutes segments.

Plot: One hundred years ago, twelve year old Aang, an Airbender, learns that he is the next Avatar, someone who can control all four of the elements rather than just one. Afraid of the responsibility that entails Aang runs away so that he does not have to be the next Avatar. Taking his six-legged bison named Appa with him, Aang heads south. They get caught up in a storm and crash into the ocean which triggers Aang’s protective Avatar State and they both end up encased in an iceberg in suspended animation. While encased in the iceberg the Fire Lord Sozin wages war on the Air Nomads that Aang belongs to, which ends in genocide. However, Aang survives. Now, one hundred years later Aang is released and ready to fight.

Review: This is an action packed adventure filled with humorous dialogue and fantastic gifts of bending. Being a bender means that you can bend one of the elements, or in Aang’s case he can bend all of the elements making in the Avatar. After being reawaken one hundred years later Aang takes on the world and his rightful role as the Avatar. Aang is still a kid though and has a lot to learn before he can truly become a great Avatar. With the help of his six-legged bison, Appa, and two Water Nomads, Katara and Sokka, Aang is learning the ways of the Avatar. Each episode fills you in on more of the story through a hilarious cast of characters and events. You won’t want to wait for the next episode.

Genre: Animation/Action & Adventure/Fantasy

Interest Level: 5-8 graders

Similar Materials: Naruto, Fairy Tail, Harry Potter

Reader’s Advisory: The Last Airbender can be found in graphic novel form as well as a live action movie. This a wonderful television series on the Nickelodeon channel, there are three seasons total. The characters are very funny and there is tons of action with an element of magic. Tweens will love it and I highly recommend it.

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