What’s New, Cupcake? by Karen Tack and Alan Richardson

26 Nov

Bibliography: Tack, Karen & Richardson, Alan. What’s New, Cupcake?. Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2010. 227 pages. Tr. $14.46, ISBN 978-0-547-24181-4

Plot: Cupcakes for all occasions. Tons of great ways to spruce up you cupcakes and make they into adorable edible creations. Their are recipes for making cake batter and frosting, which is great, but even better there are instruction on how to make those cupcakes you bake from the batters into delectable edibles that look amazing and taste great too. Each page is filled with color pictures and directions on how to make all sorts of cute cupcakes. From animals to aliens to haunted houses, each one gives you step-by-step directions on how to make the different parts and then how to put them together. Many of the designs are accomplished by using various types of candy and licorices, so each one will be delicious. 

Review: Do you like to bake? How about decorating cakes or cupcakes? Find those everyday cupcakes boring? Well, this book gives you a multitude of ideas on how to take your cupcakes from boring to exciting. There are all sorts of ideas brimming in this book. There are different sorts of animals, ducks, dogs, moose, penguin, etc. There are all sorts of occasions: Easter, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Halloween, etc. Have a baby shower to go to? No worries, What’s New, Cupcake? has ideas for you. With step-by-step instructions of how to make each cupcake presented there is no room for error. No matter what your creation will come out looking magnificent and delicious, as well. A fun project for parents to work on with their children.

Genre: Nonfiction/Baking/Cupcakes

Reading Level/Interest Level: 10+

Similar Materials: Hello, Cupcake, by Alan Richardson, Martha Stuart’s Cupcakes, Pink Princess Cookbook, by Barbara Beery

Reader’s Advisory: I absolutely love this cookbook. The cupcakes are adorable and anybody can make them and they have something for everybody. Also, this is the second cupcake book by the author, the first one is called Hello, Cupcake. Both are wonderful additions to any home who loves to bake, especially if you have children who enjoy baking or being creative. Two thumbs up for What’s New, Cupcake?.

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