How to Train Your Dragon (Movie)

26 Nov

Bibliography: Arnold, Bonnie. (Producer). Sanders, Chris & DeBlois, Dean. (Directors). (2010). How to Train Your Dragon [DVD]. Dream Works Home Entertainment. ISBN 978-1-41575-546-4

Plot: Hiccup Horrendous Haddock the Third is a viking boy who lives on the island of Berk. He does not resemble a viking in any way. He is small, skinny, with no muscle, and little hair on his chest. The island of Berk is attacked by dragons on a regular basis and their food supplies are ransacked. Hiccup is always trying to prove that he is as good a viking as anybody else, but he fails miserably. Oh, and his father is the chief of the village, so he has a lot to live up to. One night when the dragons attacked Hiccup used one of his creations to knock down a night fury, the worst dragon there in existence. The next morning Hiccup finds the dragon and is going to kill him to prove his worth, when he stalls and instead sets it free. He proceeds to make nice with the dragon and starts to train him.

Review: This masterful piece of art is astounding in its detail. Hiccup is an outcast on the island of Berk where the Hairy Hooligan vikings live. He catches a dragon and trains instead of slaying it. Hiccup and the dragon, Toothless, become great friends and he learns a lot more about the dragons than he ever thought possible. The dragons are not really the enemy they need to be worried about. Dream Works Home Entertainment has digitally mastered the animation on this film. There attention to detail is magnificent. With a high definition television you can see the very texture of Hiccup’s tunic and the individual hairs on the vikings arms. Jay Baruchel does a wonderful job of playing Hiccup, as well as, the rest of the cast is well picked. A wonderful movie for all children.

Genre: Animation/Fantasy/Dragons

Interest Level: 3-6 grader/9+

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Reader’s Advisory: I watched this movie with my HD LED TV and Blu-ray player and it was amazing. I’m not joking you could see the texture of peoples clothes, individual dragon scales, and hairs on viking’s bodies. The attention to detail is astounding. The story is wonderful to and the dialogue is humorous. I give this movie five stars and recommend it to all children, whether they read the book or not, which paled in comparison with the film.

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