Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey

26 Nov

Bibliography: McCaffrey, Anne. Dragonsong. Aladdin Paperbacks, 1976. 192 pages. Tr. $4.54, ISBN 978-0-689-86008-9

Plot: Menolly is the youngest daughter to the Masterfisher and Sea Holder of the Half-Circle Seahold, Yanus. She is a very gifted musician who learned under Petiron, a Harper who always encouraged Menolly. After Petiron dies her father does not allow her to play her music anymore and she can’t stand life at the hold anymore, so, she decides to run away from home. During a Thread  fall, Menolly takes refuge in a cave and discovers a nest of hatching fire lizards, the little flying lizards that dragons were made from. When the nine fire lizards hatch she impresses on all of them and is forced to take care of them, resulting in Menolly become a very resourceful and independent girl. Things start to get better for Menolly.

Review: Anne McCaffrey is an outstanding author and this addition to her Dragonriders of Pern is a delightful story for children to read. Part of a trilogy within her series this is a must read for tweens. Menolly is a fabulous musician, but her father will not let her express her musical talents. After running away from her she impresses on nine baby fire lizards and learns to take care of them. Menolly steps out of the fixed role she is supposed to play and takes on an independent role that is to be admired. She strives and survives on her own and makes it to the Harper Hall where she become a famous Harper. McCaffrey paints a beautiful picture with her words and her world comes to life. This book is highly recommended.

Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy

Reading Level/Interest Level: YA/11+

Similar Materials: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, by Patricia C. Wrede

Reader’s Advisory: I love the entire Dragonriders of Pern series, I was sad to see Anne McCaffrey go this past weekend and I will cherish all of her books. This is part of a trilogy (Dragonsong, Dragonsinger, Dragondrums) all about Menolly and her role as a Harper, within the Dragonriders of Pern series put out by Anne McCaffrey. She wrote a lot of Dragonrider of Pern books, but they do not need to be read in order and this particular trilogy is great for children. 15 year old Menolly is a strong willed character that children will love, not to mention the adorable fire lizards. Take a flight on dragon wings and read Dragonsong.

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