Naruto, the tests of the ninja by Masashi Kishimoto

21 Nov

Bibliography: Kishimoto, Masashi. Naruto, the tests of the ninja. Illustrated by the author. Viz Media, 2007. 186 pages. Tr. $13.64, ISBN 978-1-42151-974-6

Plot: Uzumaki Naruto is studying to become a ninja. He is struggling to get through the Ninja Academy because he wishes to become the next Hokage, ruler of the Leaf Village and highest ranking ninja. All of the adults hate Naruto and therefore most of the kids hate him as well. He has been an orphan since birth and doesn’t understand why nobody likes him. So, he just ends up trying harder to impress people and get attention by doing childish pranks all the time. What Naruto doesn’t know is that he carries within himself the nine-tailed demon fox that destroyed their village so many years ago and the last Hokage sacrificed himself to save the village. But Naruto doesn’t know this yet, and he just wants to become a great ninja and be liked.

Review: This is the first novel in a very long series. Naruto is struggling to get through ninja school so that he can become the next leader of their village and highest ranking ninja, the Hokage. Naruto is carrying the soul of the nine-tailed demon fox that destroyed their village not to long ago, but has yet to learn of this and doesn’t understand why he has no friends. This is a Japanese manga that is translated into English, but you still read it from back to front and right to left rather than left to right. Kishimoto’s art is clean cut and easy to follow. This one volume is packed full of action and awesome ninja moves that will appeal to tweens, especially tween boys. Follow the adventures of Naruto and his quest to become a great ninja. Will he succeed?

Genre: Graphic Novel/Manga/Adventure/Action

Reading Level/Interest Level: YA/11+

Similar Materials: Bleach, by Tite Kubo, Fairy Tail, by Hiro Mashima

Reader’s Advisory: So far there are about 50 something Naruto volumes, but it is almost completed, according to the author. I instantly loved this series after reading the first volume. The characters are funny and goofy, yet they have their serious sides as well. You can find Naruto the anime series as well, translated to English or with subtitles. The anime does a pretty good job of following the novels, but towards the end of the second season until Naruto Shippoden it is all filler, and while still entertaining, not as good as the actual story. Naruto Shippoden picks up where the story leaves of. This is a must read for tweens, especially boys who like action.

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