Athena the Brain by Joan Holub

18 Nov

Bibliography: Holub, Joan. Athena the Brain. Aladdin, 2010. 160 pages. Tr. $10.81, ISBN 978-0-329-76078-6

Plot: Twelve year old Athena has just learned that she is a goddess, and her father is none other than Zeus, the ruler of the gods. Athena must now travel from Earth to Mount Olympus and go to school at the academy there. She is frightened of the prospect of a new school and not fitting in, but is excited to hopefully run into Poseidon, who is rumored to be the hottest godboy around. She is quick to make friends with the other goddessgirls, aside from Medusa, and even gets to see Poseidon. Being really intelligent, Athena signs up for as many classes as she can, the workload is not going to be a problem, but Medusa may make things complicated. Now Athena has to think her way out of a sticky situation.

Review: This is a delightful book for young readers, especially girls, that is on par with Disney princess stories. Young girls will be able to relate to poor Athena and her struggles with school, friends, crushes, and enemies. When jealous Medusa ties to ruin Athena’s reputation, things end of turning back on her. Athena’s clever and witty personality brings humor and fun to this book. Holub really did a great job presenting a young protagonist that readers will be about to follow and enjoy reading about. She lays out a well know Greek mythology tale that is portrayed in a light humorous tone with her own added flair. This is only the first book of the Goddess Girls series.

Genre: Chick Lit/Greek Mythology

Reading Level/Interest Level: 4.3/3-6 graders

Similar Materials: Pandora series by Carolyn Hennesy, The Sisters Eight series by Lauren Baratz-Logsted

Reader’s Advisory: This is the first book of the Goddess Girls series. It was a fun book and even made me laugh at times. I think young girls will enjoy reading them and the stories, though made up, follow the stories of Greek mythology pretty accurately, just with a Disney-esque twist to them.

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