Beyond the Deepwoods by Paul Stewart

17 Nov

Bibliography: Stewart, Paul. Beyond the Deepwoods: The Edge Chronicles book 1. David Fickling Books, 1998. 276 pages. Tr. $16.24, ISBN 978-0-385-75069-1

Plot: Thirteen year old Twig has lived his entire life thinking he was a wood troll. He never fit in, he was too different from all of the other wood trolls. He was tall, pale, and lanky rather than short, dark, and stout. He had different interests too, and was never any good at what other wood troll do. One day his mother told him that he needed to go stay with his cousin because he was in danger of being taken away by the sky pirates. So, after being told not to stray from the path, he set out on the path to his cousins house. Well, Twig did stray from the path and now he is lost out in the Deepwoods and cannot find the path. Twig ends up bumping into a whole heap of different characters and along the way learns that he was adopted into the wood troll family.

Review: Twig was raised as a wood troll, even though is was different than all the other wood trolls in looks and likes. The day that he sets out to his cousins house to elude capture from the sky pirates he strays from the path only to find himself utterly and completely lost in the Deepwoods. Stewart has created a wonderfully artistic worlds fill with all sorts of creatures and monsters for twig to interact with. Stewart takes you on an adventure with Twig and his various companions. Children will love falling into the world of the Edge Chronicles. Black and white illustrations are scattered throughout the book and show various scenes from the story. This is only the first book in the nine book series, but Stewart has done a masterful job of creating a colorful adventure that children are sure to love and want more.

Genre: Fantasy/Adventure

Reading Level/Interest Level: 5.0/5-8 graders

Similar Materials: The Spiderwick Chronicles, The Sisters Grimm, The Last Dragon Chro, The Ranger’s Apprentice series

Reader’s Advisory: I really enjoyed this book, it was filled with adventure and wonderful various creatures that are very imaginative. Steward is very descriptive in his writing and it is easy to imagine Twig on his adventures. This is the first book of the Edge Chronicles, there are 8 others. This book is truly a creative piece of work.

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