The Host by Stephenie Meyer

05 Sep


Meyer, Stephenie. The Host: a novel. Little, Brown, 2008. ISBN 978-0-316-06804-8

Plot Summary:

Earth has been taken over by parasitic aliens who use the body as a host, taking over both body and mind. Melanie Stryder one of the few remaining “wild” humans, was on the run from the aliens with a few others and has just been captured. She is now the host to an alien named Wanderer. Wanderer had been warned of the difficulties of having a human host, such as the emotions, many senses, and vivid memories, but she never expected the difficulties of the host body not giving up her mind. Now Melanie is struggling to not fade away while Wanderer is struggling to possess Melanie’s mind. After many attempts to extract the location of the remaining “wild” humans from Melanie’s mind, Wanderer has failed. Instead of giving away their location Melanie has been giving Wanderer memories of the man she loves, Jared. Now Wanderer has started to yearn for Jared, just as Melanie does. However, Jared is in hiding, therefore, when outside forces make Wanderer and Melanie become allies, they set off on a dangerous adventure to find Jared.

Critical Evaluation:

Stephenie Meyer (1973-) is the bestselling author of the Twilight Saga. The Host is her first novel for adults and is considered a science fiction novel, however, it is science fiction for people who are not science fiction fans. The greatest science fiction aspect of this book is the fact that it has aliens who possess technology far in advance from our own technology. Other than that, it appears to be a story about friendship and love. The Host is easy to follow and carries a sense of hope throughout the story. Told in the first person point of view, with Wanderer as the main character and voice of the story, although, Wanderer and Melanie speak to each other in their minds throughout the story giving a sense that there is a second main character. The story progresses slowly in the beginning, but picks up speed as you go along. The script is well thought out, detailed, and written at an adult level that would appeal to young adult readers, as well. The ending suggest a possible sequel.

Reader’s Annotation:

Parasitic aliens have invaded Earth and now Melanie Stryder struggles to keep her mind as her own. An unsuspecting ally helps Melanie fight against the aliens.

About the Author:

Stephenie Meyer’s life changed dramatically on June 2, 2003. The stay-at-home mother of three young sons woke up from a dream featuring seemingly real characters that she could not get out of her head.
was one of 2005’s most talked about novels and within weeks of its release the book debuted at #5 on The New York Times bestseller list. On May 6, 2008, Little, Brown and Company released The Host, Meyer’s highly-anticipated novel for adults which debuted at #1 on The New York Times and Wall Street Journal bestseller lists. The Host still remains a staple on the bestseller lists more than a year after its debut. Stephenie lives in Arizona with her husband and three sons.


Science Fiction/Cross-over

Curriculum Ties:


Booktalking Ideas:

Nice aliens?
Wanderer and Melanie struggle.

Reading Level/Interest Level:

Adult/Young Adult-Adult

Challenge Issues:


Why I included this book:

I thought it was interesting how a young adult writer wrote a novel for adults, but young adults still read it.


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